Jewellery set Nordlys

This year Christmas photo is a jewellery set “Nordlys” in yellow gold, a pendant/lock with a Dioptase crystal and “Billow” chain. There is also matching earrings with Dioptase crystal and a ring in gold with 2 diamonds.



Jewellery set in white gold with black diamonds.

Smykkeset i hvittgull med svarte diamanter.

Jewellery set in white gold with black diamonds.


Jewellery set in gold Tanzanite and diamonds.



‘Sulis’ Jewellery set in yellow gold with titanite from Sulitjelma, Norge.

This set of jewellery was made for our 30 years jubilee exhibition in the autumn of 2012 and was chosen as the image used for our Christmas cards. This set is characteristic of our design style and techniques; using a combinasjon of chiseling and forging to create the set. the crystals are  in their natural form and are not cut or worked  in any way.



 “Tønne” set.

The Tønne locks, both large and small are made in 14 carat yellow gold and can be used on many different necklaces. The ring can be made with or without diamonds and we have two sizes of matching earrings. Customers’ stones and gold can be used in the production of new jewellery.